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Who the heck are we?
By day, we navigate the ordinary world, finding joy in organizing and a sparkle in a bit of glitter. But as the night descends, we transform into Mrs. Plum, a character who could have stepped right out of a board game, complete with drama and an oversized magnifying glass for our "research." Our headquarters? The plum barn. This isn't just any barn but a haven where creativity knows no bounds, where paintbrushes seem to float by their own will, and stories eagerly leap from our minds to the page. Choosing the moniker Mrs. Plum, we embrace the mystery and excitement that comes with it, occasionally donning dramatic capes and speaking to our furred companions about the wonders of creativity. To us, creativity is more than just an outlet; it's a versatile tool that heals, enlightens, and transforms the mundane into the magnificent.
In our world, creativity is the grand adventure, turning every day into a puzzle waiting to be solved, every idea into a mystery to be unraveled.
Here's to the enigma, the art, and the chaos that flourishes within the walls of the plum barn, where each creation brings us closer to solving the grand mystery of life itself.

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Email address: lindalavid@gmail.com
YouTube channel: @lindalavid