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Writing Tip

Read sentences and evaluate weak modifiers. In most cases deleting them will not change the meaning of the sentence. A short list of weak modifiers are: almost, actually, very, quite, really, just, truly, seeming to be, even, certainly, so, exactly, anyway, such, definitely, some, few, a little, rather, usually, probably, perhaps, sort of, fairly, somewhat.


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cracked egg

The year she stopped eating and working and talking, she devolved, draping cloth over mirrors, not brushing her teeth.  She went from Emily Dickinson to Sylvia Plath to Anne Sexton, reading their work over and over, copying their words. A day came. She reached for a pencil... cracked egg, hot griddle.  Her first poem filled two pages.  She now eats oatmeal and wanton soup from the Chinese restaurant.

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