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Obits 4 Fun

Herman Johnson floated into the state of Nirvana on Saturday. Forty years ago, Mr. Johnson, left the family multi-million-dollar business, to pursue a life of enlightenment in Eureka, California. Mr. Johnson was well known in town as a herbalist, musician, and Reiki master. He often preached on street corners for change. In later years, he lamented he should have moved to Belize. "That place has wild energy."

The Story Behind Obits 4 Fun

Sometimes, my name is Roberta Hay. I write obituaries that are...well, fun. Lives are not about who begets who. Lives are about who we each are, the paths we've chosen, what we've learned, our trials and successes.  Prior to writing obits 4 fun, my work culminated in a book, The Dying of Ed Mees . 

Writing Tip

Read sentences and evaluate weak modifiers . In most cases deleting them will not change the meaning of the sentence. A short list of weak modifiers are: almost, actually, very, quite, really, just, truly, seeming to be, even, certainly, so, exactly, anyway, such, definitely, some, few, a little, rather, usually, probably, perhaps, sort of, fairly, somewhat.

Love Me Not

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Obits 4 Fun

Thomas Wendell (TW) Thompson, the eccentric billionaire, was unable to be stabilized prior to being be cryonically suspended. According to the Life Extension Center, Mr. Thompson continued to take baby aspirin against advisement and subsequently bleed internally. TW made his fortune with derivatives by finagling credit with insurance schemes, the true weapons of mass destruction. Services will be held at an undisclosed abbey in Switzerland.