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Her Smile is Softer than the Mist

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Chemistry Class

Tarot Stories

Okay, I'm down the rabbit hole with tarot. Don't ask, I'll talk for hours. Anywho, presently doing tarot storyboards for short fiction. My current deck is the Maria Celia, a modern-day Marseille.  

Obits 4 Fun

Randall Lovitz, physicist turned playwright, died as the result of an unfortunate accident involving a grenade and a jigger of Hendricks. Mr. Lovitz's most recent play, Naked Man Barking , featuring 90 minutes of the same, was panned by the critics. An earlier production: Knock, Knock. Who's there? F__k. F__k who? F__k You garnered similar reviews. Always an iconoclast, the only holiday Mr. Lovitz celebrated was Super Bowl Sunday.

Meditation Book for Troubled Times


Moving On

From Rented Rooms

The motel door slams shut, leaving me alone and chilled. Two men, such luxury. But I don't have two men, not whole ones, that is. They're mostly just pieces, spare parts, exchanged, fitted, to meet certain needs, basic and otherwise. What spare part do I bring to the equation? I look at the sparkled ceiling and wonder. Glitter, fairy dust? Amazon

Writing Tip

Cause and effect   is the internal integrity of the story that provides a logical framework and forward motion. Cause and effect occurs at every level of a story’s construction, from sentence to paragraph to page to chapter. Problems occur when: cause has no effect , effect has no cause , the effect precedes cause, or when   there is simultaneous cause and effect . Some examples… Cause with no effect: He flipped the switch and looked into her cold blue eyes . What is the effect of flipping the switch? Looking into her cold eyes? To follow cause and effect it should read: He flipped the switch. Light flooded the room. He looked into her cold blue eyes.   Effect with no cause: This occurs w hen a character acts or reacts for no apparent reason, i.e., furious to calm with no transition.  Effect precedes cause : He shot three times after pulling out the gun should read After pulling out the gun, he shot three times .   Simultaneous cause and effect: Ripping off the

My Latest Brainstorm

And this too may pass...or not.

Obits 4 Fun

Proud centenarian, Lillian Farnsworth, passed into the open arms of the Lord on Tuesday. Lillian, dearly loved by the staff at the Good Shepard Adult Home, was their media mascot. When asked what was the secret to living a long life, she said, "How the f__k would I know." Her interviews were often edited. At the time of passing, she was eating Cheetos in the game room when B6 was called out. Her last word was "Bingo!"