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Ever After: A Serial

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Society: A Collage Reading


Victorian In Nature

On a corner in any small town there stands a three-story house, Victorian in nature with scaled shingles, roof finials and a wrap-around porch,  that in its time towered over surrounding cottages and shanties, casting an imposing shadow at dusk to those who promenaded around its hand-wrought iron fence, a house built over a century ago from stone quarried and hard maple downed from nearby excavations by men traveling through,  picking up day jobs to later fill their bellies with food and drink in dark taverns, denizens of needfulness, where stray dogs scavenged tossed-away bones from the sawdust floor and cool-eyed women in tight fitting bodices sized up each man, taking a quick inventory of how easily he might be willing to part with cash in the least amount of time and conversation, some men with missing fingers, heavily stained teeth who had, over years of building, developed remarkable talents, working lovingly with wood, sizing up grains, sanding, varnishing, turning rough planks

The Cure, A Serialized Story


Video on my experience with Kindle Vella


Barden Digby Falls

  Atwood Oates strikes again.

What Color The Truck

  Latest book from my imprint Plum Barn Press